Spectrum of Services

TRANSTECHNO EGYPT can be asked to develop new systems or to modify existing ones. This spans over the activities range from the problem analysis till the product market introduction, passing through product concept, patent situation clarification, product feasibility study, building and validation of laboratory models, prototyping and support for the first series production. In this regard the spectrum of services of TRANSTECHNO EGYPT can best be explained by presenting the following typical sequence of work for a product system engineering project:

To determine the technical and economical feasibility of a certain solution both technical and economical feasibility studies are needed.

Technical feasibility study typically includes the derivation of rough mathematical models, simple controller design, first simulation runs and results validation. Also belonging to this study are the suggestion of the system concept, the first search for the needed key components in available international offer and the identification of the manufacturing partners.

The economical feasibility study provides estimates for the development budget in phases and the expected product cost for the different targeted yearly production volumes, so that the market chances can be also evaluated.