Spectrum of Services

TRANSTECHNO EGYPT can be asked to develop new systems or to modify existing ones. This spans over the activities range from the problem analysis till the product market introduction, passing through product concept, patent situation clarification, product feasibility study, building and validation of laboratory models, prototyping and support for the first series production. In this regard the spectrum of services of TRANSTECHNO EGYPT can best be explained by presenting the following typical sequence of work for a product system engineering project:

Correct and on-time answers to patents questions are essential fundamentals of any product development project. Providing the proper strategy and finding cost/effective solutions in this regard can be a main differentiator between success and failure. In an additional module to the product feasibility study the situation regarding patent rights needs to be clarified. This typically includes the answers to the following questions after appropriate patent search:

  • Set the strategy whether or not a patent application will be filed, when and in which countries.
  • How to influence the solution concept in order to avoid conflicts with already patented solutions.
  • How to maximize client’s profit from the proposed patent strategy and to block the competition form adopting similar solutions.

The finally adopted patent strategy can then be implemented in cooperation with specialized patent attorneys wherever applicable.